School Fundraiser Car Magnets

There are many choices available for fundraisers for schools, sports teams, groups, churches and other organizations. Chocolate bars, magazines, fruit, gifts and other home items; the choices are endless. One of the most popular fundraisers involves car magnets. These fundraisers have little overhead and start-up costs, so you can maximize your group’s profit. There is also very little to do in the way of paperwork and other maintenance, so you have less stress and time expenditure.

Getting Started

ORLANDO-TITANS--TITAN-HELMETThe first step in running a successful car magnet fundraiser is to choose a design. You can find ideas online, solicit ideas from members of your organization, or draft some ideas yourself for other members to vote on. There are also several school fundraising designs here to get you started. You should also consider whether you’d like to order multiple sizes of the magnet. While it’s always best to keep things simple, a small size and a large size can help appeal to more customers. After you decide what type of design you’d like to use, it’s time to request quotes from car magnet providers. You can use a local business or find a provider online. When you compare quotes, compare price, delivery time, quality and materials used. After you find a company that can produce your design, it’s time to start taking orders.

Taking Orders

Once you have the groundwork laid out, it’s time to start collecting orders for the magnets. There are several ways you can do this. The first is online; you can easily set up an online site that allows you to take orders and accept payment at the time the order is placed. You can also send flyers and order blanks home with the members of your group and their parents. They can take orders, collect payments and then submit their orders by the due date. This is generally the easiest way to get orders. It’s generally a good idea to require payment at the time the order is placed, so you don’t have order too many magnets that you will never receive payment for.

Obtaining the Magnets

After all the orders are collected, grab a couple of volunteers to help you tally up the number of magnets ordered and sort out the collected payments. Check your totals a couple of times to ensure that everything is correct. After you have your totals, it’s time to submit the final order to the magnet maker. Many companies will allow you to pay via check or debit and credit card, and you keep the amount of profit off the top to deposit into your organization’s bank account. This makes for easy record keeping.

Delivering Orders

Once the finished magnets have been delivered, have the members of your group pass them out to their customers. You can pass out copies of their original order sheets, or have volunteers consolidate them into a Word document for each student or member of the team. Once this is done, your work is over. You can then report to your organization how much money was made and if the event was a success.

Car magnet fundraisers are easy to do, and don’t take as much administrative time and effort to do successfully. In addition, there is generally a better profit margin with these types of fundraisers, which is making them increasingly popular. The key is to do your research and have the backing of the other members of your team or group.

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