Custom Wrestling Magnets

A top-notch way to for moms and dads to show your pride! With a custom wrestling magnet on your car, you represent wrestler you love. LogoMagnet’s custom-designed magnets are 100% U.S. manufactured and use the highest quality materials to reduce fading and cracking.

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Wrestling Car Magnets – Increase Team Spirit and Funds with Custom Wrestling Magnets

Say goodbye to expensive fundraising merchandise that is difficult to sell! You will love the boost your fundraising efforts get with custom car magnets. Wrestling car magnets are priced at a low cost so that you can resell them for an affordable price and still raise a significant amount. These branded car magnets are a must-have item for the entire wrestling team as well as their friends and family. LogoMagnet’s custom car magnets are made of the highest quality materials, allowing for a durable display of team spirit that won’t tap out any time soon.

All LogoMagnets template sports magnets below are 100% customizable, from colors to text and styling. If you want to use your own artwork, use our Upload Your Own Design Form Here.