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Show Your Team Spirit with Custom Cheer Magnets

Cheerleaders are all about school spirit. How can you show better support for the squad that brings so much support and enthusiasm to every game? The answer may lie in custom cheer magnets. LogoMagnets custom designed magnets are 100% U.S. manufactured and use the highest quality materials to reduce fading and cracking.

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Cheer Car Magnets – Boost Team Spirit with Custom Cheerleading Magnets

All cheerleading squads, whether connected to a school or operating independently, can benefit from LogoMagnet’s cheer car magnets as a fundraiser or as a way to show a little more support for the team. With cheer car magnets from LogoMagnet, you can improve your fundraising efforts while boosting team spirit.

How to Best Use Cheer Car Magnets

If you are interested in using custom cheer car magnets for your cheering squad, you have a couple of options. The first is to sell the magnets as a fundraiser. To do this, you can either ask the members of your squad to sell them, or you can put them out on the booster table at games or meets for fans, parents and relatives to buy. Either way, the low cost of purchasing cheer car magnets from LogoMagnet combined with the high level of interest that these magnets garner will make it easy to sell them.

Plus, magnets do not have to be sold to be effective. If you want to get word out there about your squad and the things that they do to show support at games, then consider offering car magnets to fans as a free gift. Donors, sponsors, parents and even the cheerleaders themselves can all place these magnets on their cars, and they then become a mobile billboard for your squad. The end result is more name recognition and support for your team in the community.

Whether given away or sold, you will find that the beautiful magnets available through LogoMagnet are in high demand. Because they cause no damage to the car, these magnets are something drivers are proud and excited to buy and use.

LogoMagnet Makes Ordering Custom Cheerleading Magnets Simple

If you feel that custom magnets would be a good resource for your cheering squad, then LogoMagnet is the resource you need. We make it simple to get exactly what you need and want.

With our extensive set of pre-made, customizable designs, you can choose something that is ready to go. Simply add your name and mascot, select your color and make your order. We will ship it quickly so you can begin handing out your magnets to your supporters.

Don’t see something that matches your squad? No need to worry. Our designers will work with you to craft a design that is exactly what you want, from scratch. Send us your artwork, name, color choices and any other details, and we will start working right away. You can have a fully custom car magnet shipped to your facility in as little as seven to 10 days from the time you approve the final design.

We even allow you to design your magnet, take orders, and then order only after you have received payment to maximize your budget and avoid purchasing unwanted magnets. Ask us to pre-sort the order to make distribution easier after they arrive. At LogoMagnet, we will do everything we can to make your magnet fundraiser a successful one.


All LogoMagnets template sports magnets below are 100% customizable, from colors to text and styling. If you want to use your own artwork, use our Upload Your Own Design Form Here.