Fundraising Showdown – Car Magnets vs. Candy Fundraising

Candy has been the quintessential fundraising item of choice for decades. In the past, it was easy to sell sugary treats to people, but a rise in health consciousness over the past few decades has made it harder to use candy effectively as a fundraising option. If you are planning a fundraising campaign, consider car magnets instead.

Why Car Magnets Are Superior

Everyone may love candy, but car magnets carry numerous benefits as a fundraising option. One of the most obvious is ease of storage. You don’t need to refrigerate car magnets and you never have to worry about pests getting into them. Simply stash them in a closet until you are ready to sell. They take up less room than most candy as well, and they never spoil. As long as the message you put on the magnet is evergreen, you can keep selling them until your supply runs out.

Car magnets also have a larger profit margin. When you buy them from Logo Magnet, you get them for a steeply discounted price, often under $2 apiece. You can then sell them for $5 or $6, which your supporters will find to be quite reasonable, for a high profit margin. When you’re making $3 on every sale, the profits increase quickly!

Finally, car magnets help you spread awareness of your cause or your brand. When your supporters buy car magnets and place them on their cars, your entire community is made aware of your organization. This kind of advertising actually earns you money!

Candy Isn’t As Great as You Think

In light of these benefits, consider some of the drawbacks of candy. Yes, candy is fairly easy to sell, as long as your target market isn’t overly health conscious, but is it really an easy fundraiser? Not exactly. With candy you have to take special care to properly refrigerate or store the items, and if they don’t sell you will have to dispose of them.

Another drawback of candy is the fact that some members of your organization may be opposed to it because of the dangers of sugar and fat. If your organization is a health-based organization, fundraising with candy goes against what you believe.

Finally, when you do the math you will find that candy doesn’t bring in as much profit as you might think. You have to sell a lot of the candy to bring in a good profit, and you can only charge a small amount or people won’t be willing to buy.

That’s not to say that candy can’t be an effective option in some settings, but it should not be considered the quintessential fundraising choice. Car magnets are profitable and, in many ways, superior to candy. As you consider your fundraising choices, make Logo Magnet one of your options.

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