How to Personalize Your Car Magnet For a Fundraiser

Whether you’re a church, school, or youth sports organization, there’s a good chance you have a community of people who want to support you. Support for local organizations and students doesn’t always have to come from parents, and if you offer grandparents, aunts, uncles, and friends the right opportunity to show team spirit, you could be surprised at the results. One way to get everyone involved with your team, church, or class is to offer a car magnet fundraiser.

Car magnets are an easy thing to sell because they can be inexpensive, are an easy way to show team spirit, and don’t mess up a car’s paint job like a bumper sticker. They’re also removable and versatile—many people put them on filing cabinets in offices or on refrigerators. Here are a few things you can do to improve the personalized message on your car magnets.

Keep It Simple

Take a look at other people’s car magnets while on the road, and you’ll see that the majority of them are designed in two colors. Those that have multiple colors tend to use a few bright, easy-to-identify colors. This helps the message stand out to other drivers. You’ll also want to keep design elements like logos or text simple to ensure readability from several yards away.

Pick a Single Message

Don’t try to do too much with one magnet. Use only an image and your organization’s name, or opt for a single, short tagline. If you’ve got more to say, consider offering more than one magnet design. Multiple design options could increase your fundraiser success, since some individuals may be drawn to a certain design over others.

Use the Right Font

In most cases, you want to avoid elaborate fonts. Although simple script can sometimes work, elegant Edwardian or calligraphy script will usually be difficult to read. Serif fonts are usually easier to read, but san serif fonts offer streamlined design for a magnet. If you aren’t sure what font to use, consult a graphic design consultant at the company where you’re ordering the magnets.

Pay Attention to Color Contrast

Blue font on a black background is going to be difficult, just as yellow font on a white background is likely to be almost invisible. Make sure you select color elements that contrast completely so font and logos will stand out.

Make It Applicable

Finally, make sure you create an image and message that’s applicable to your organization. In addition to selling magnets to fund your project or team, you also want to encourage your supporters to advertise your organization. Select team or school colors, church logos, and organizational mottos for the magnet. Trust that your community wants to support you, and, as long as your magnets are priced reasonably, people will be happy to make a purchase.


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