Branded Swag Guaranteed NOT to Be Thrown Away

Do you want to turn your organization’s supporters into walking or driving billboards advertising your company? From hats to pens to car magnets, branded “swag” is a great way to do so. Giving away free gear or selling low-cost items branded with your logo will help spread the word about what you have to offer. This is active branding at its finest, and will get people talking about you. Here are some branded swag options to consider.

Car Swag

In certain areas, everyone has a car that they drive or ride in on a regular basis. Items that decorate those cars can be highly effective for marketing and are not likely to be tossed in the garbage. Less and less people like bumper stickers anymore, because of the damage they cause to the vehicle. Car magnets are a great alternative to bumper stickers, without the risk of damage.

Designing the magnet well is the key to success with this branding effort. You need an attractive magnet that stands for something the car’s owner loves. Whether it’s a sports team, school or cause, the attractive magnet will draw attention to your organization.

Antenna toppers are another option, but a slightly less effective one. While these might be displayed for a while as a fun idea, they will eventually fall off, or they may get annoying and get thrown out. Plus, some cars do not have visible antennas for this purpose.

Wearable Swag

Whether you give away T-shirts, sell baseball caps or invest in windbreakers, wearable swag offers an exceptional branding opportunity. If you are targeting the younger demographic, go with a branded T shirt.


In a recent survey from the Advertising Specialty Institute, the 21-34 age group indicated that 48 percent owned branded shirts. For the middle-age demographic, hats are the best option, with 23 percent indicating they enjoyed wearing branded hats. Wearable swag keeps your name and logo in the mind of your target audience, and also provides ongoing advertising when your customers or supporters wear the items.

Desktop Swag

A tape dispenser, pencil holder and paperweight are all items the office professional needs. Why shouldn’t those items display your company’s crucial information? Branded desk accessories display your information not only to the user of the desk, but also to co-workers and clients that come through the office. This particular option is poplar with the 21-34 age group. For desktop swag, make sure you choose high-quality items that will be useful to the recipient, as this will improve the chances that the item gets used and displayed.

Writing Swag

It seems like you can never find a pen when you need one, right? Keep your organization’s supporters well stocked with branded pens and pencils. These can be quite affordable and are something that people need, so they are more likely to stuff it in a pocket or purse than toss it in the trash. Also, because people often forget to return pens, you can spread your message to new potential clients when the original recipient lends the pen or pencil to a friend.

Whether you invest in car magnets, pens or something your supporters can wear, the statistics show that these items are effective, get used and will spread your branding goals throughout the community. Choose one of these popular options to see the most success from your efforts.

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