Getting Kids Involved with Fundraising

Fundraising with your kids is a great way to teach your children the importance of giving back and making the world a better place. As a parent, there are few things more amazing than seeing your kids get involved with fundraising and philanthropy. While teaching them to think beyond their own needs and desires, getting your kids involved with fundraising also can inspire you to do more for others.

No matter the age of the child, there are plenty of great fundraiser ideas that will get them excited to get involved. Whether the fundraiser is for their school, sports team, church or other organization, the following ideas are easy to manage and will help you get your kids involved in a way that’s fun for them:

  1. Design car magnets to sell: Kids love to show off their creativity. That’s what makes car magnets the perfect fundraising vehicle (no pun intended). Car magnets offer a fun and simple way to raise money for your organization. Some services actually let you upload your own designs and drawings, printing them into real car magnets. This is a great opportunity to let your kids submit their own drawings and magnet designs they can be proud to sell! Bonus: People tend to keep car magnets on their vehicles for an extended period of time, giving your fundraiser maximum exposure for a long time to come.
  2. Offer pet sitting services: Here’s an often-overlooked fundraising idea that can really get results. All you need to do is create flyers advertising pet sitting services for neighbors who may need them while at work or on vacation. Most kids love taking care of pets, so it’s the perfect fundraiser to get them excited. It’s also a good way to teach them responsibility as they’ll be required to care for someone else’s pet.
  3. Host a car wash: There are few things kids love more than being outside in the sun and getting wet. Car washes are a popular fundraiser, and they’re perfect for kids. Ask local businesses if you can use their parking lot to host a car wash. You can also get businesses to donate money for car-washing supplies.
  4. Organize a bake sale: Bake sales have a history of being highly successful for schools, teams and churches. The great thing about organizing a bake sale is that it gives you the added opportunity to teach your kids a little bit about the science of baking. They’ll love using measuring cups, mixing batter and, of course, sampling the goods to make sure they’re delicious!
  5. Put on a talent show: Children love to perform and show off their special talents, and parents and relatives love to watch and feel proud. That’s why talent shows are ideal for fundraising. The kids get to take center stage where they can get recognition for their skills. Talent shows can raise a lot of money through the sale of tickets, concessions and merchandise.

Fundraising with Kids: Make it Fun!

Hopefully, these fundraising ideas have inspired you and helped to get your creative juices flowing. Whether you use one of the fundraising ideas on this list or come up with your own, the main objective should always be to make it fun for the kids. When they see just how much fun it can be to give back, they’ll want to keep making a difference in the world.

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