Fundraising with Magnets for Your Church

EDGERTON-MEMORIAL-UNITEDFundraising is a crucial part of running youth groups, and make missionary work and outreach programs possible in churches. Fundraising companies offer dozens of options when it comes to church fundraising, but one of the most successful campaigns for many churches is car magnets. These personalized large magnets can be made in any shape or color, and make a lasting reminder of your patrons’ generosity.

Why Choose Custom Car Magnets?

  • They’re flat and simple to store, so they won’t take up much space during the sale. Other items such as popcorn buckets and candles take up entire rooms worth of space.
  • They’re sturdy and will last on cars for months or years. People like to belong to groups, and they like to show their group memberships to other people. Having a church car magnet on their vehicle allows your patrons to show they belong and they care.
  • There is no worry about special storage conditions. Chocolate melts, cookie dough and pizza dough needs refrigeration, and all food items include risk of someone having a bad reaction and blaming your church for it. Car magnets are completely safe and can be stored at any temperature.
  • Every item is the same. Catalog sales, cookie orders and even candy fundraisers all generate orders with multiple items. It’s a full time job sorting out the orders and packaging them for delivery. With car magnets, everyone gets the same magnet, and all you have to do is count the stack and hand them out.

You will need to set up the magnet design ahead of time. Search the church members for someone with design skills to design and upload a master design. Many of the online companies have blank magnet designs from which to choose, and some even specialize in church based fundraisers.

With car magnet fundraising, your profit margin can be quite substantial. Unlike some fundraising plans, you know ahead of time just how much the magnets are going to cost, and you can price the sale accordingly. If you’re in a less affluent neighborhood you don’t have to offer a product your members can’t afford, but if your congregation is more well-off you’ll have the opportunity to realize a bit more profit for the same item. Your members will like visible proof of their generosity while your church enjoys the benefits of a relatively painless fundraising operation.

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