Fundraising Showdown: Car Magnets vs. Cookie Dough

If you’re organizing a fundraiser for your school, church, charity or other organization, there are a number of different options you can explore for raising money. Today, two of the most popular fundraisers are car magnets and cookie dough. Both of these fundraising products have high profit margins and broad mainstream appeal, making each highly effective for raising lots of money.

Of course, you want your fundraiser to be the very best, so that leads to the ultimate question: Which fundraiser is better — car magnets or cookie dough? Let the battle begin!

  • Storage: Cookie dough requires refrigerated/frozen storage. Car magnets can be stored anywhere. After all the orders have been placed for your fundraiser, the products will be sent to you. You’ll then need to store the goods until they can be delivered to the donors. One of the challenges with cookie dough is that it requires special storage in a freezer or refrigerator. Most people don’t have enough spare room for storage, nor do they want to deal with the general hassle of making sure the perishable cookie dough doesn’t spoil.

That’s the advantage of car magnets. They don’t require special storage. You can keep them anywhere you’d like — in the garage, a spare room, at your organization’s headquarters … anywhere!

  • Creativity & customization: Cookie dough is sold in pre-packaged flavors. Car magnets can be designed any way you like. Creativity is an important thing to consider when choosing a fundraiser for your organization. You want to do something that wows supporters and gets their attention. You also want to do something that reflects your message. The problem with cookie dough fundraising is that the product is something that doesn’t really make a statement. It’s a fine fundraiser for raising money, but it’s certainly not creative.

 The cool thing about selling car magnets for your fundraiser is that you can create your own unique designs. This is a good way to make a strong statement, and it also allows you to get people involved in designing their own car magnets.

  • Long-term value: Cookie dough has a limited shelf life. Car magnets continue to advertise your cause for years to come. The most effective fundraisers are the ones that leave a lasting impression with supporters. You want your donors to remember your cause so that they will continue to support it in the future. Unfortunately, that’s one of the weaknesses of cookie dough fundraisers. Cookie dough simply doesn’t make a lasting impression. With a limited shelf life, the cookie dough is a distant memory once it’s consumed or expires.

Car magnets, on the other hand, last a lifetime. When someone puts one of your magnets on their car, they’re likely going to keep it there for a long time. That means they’ll be driving around town advertising your cause potentially for years to come!

Car Magnets: The Perfect Fundraising Vehicle

Thanks to its convenience, flexibility and long-lasting value, car magnets undeniably offer more fundraising advantages than cookie dough. The right choice for your cause will come down to finding a fundraiser you can rally your team behind to help you achieve your goals. Good luck with all your fundraising efforts!

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