Why Choose Car Magnets for Sport Fundraiser

Car magnets are a winning choice for any sport’s fundraiser. Not only will they get your fans rolling through your hometown streets sporting your team logo, but they will also cut your team a decent profit in the process. Car magnets are a great idea for sports fundraisers for a lot of reasons.

Stress-Free Ordering

When you fund raise with items like clothing, ordering can be difficult to manage. You need to make sure that sizing is accurate, deal with the repercussions when it isn’t, and keep track of who ordered what size. With car magnets, however, there is no sizing to keep track of. The only thing you do need to worry about is the quantity. No fuss, no muss. It’s an easy system.

Easy Distribution

Because the only issue you will be dealing with is the quantity of car magnets ordered, you don’t need to be concerned about anyone getting the right or wrong size to buyers. Distribution is simple. How many did you order? Here you go. There is no dragging around bags of shirts; all you are doing is handling the same size of everything. In addition, unlike clothing, you don’t have to worry about folding the magnets in just the right way or caring for the material. So long as the magnets are made of quality construction, they will be durable and easy to carry around.

Great Benefits to the Consumer


What makes car magnets an attractive investment for fans is that they feature high visibility without the worry of permanent damage to the supporter’s car. As opposed to bumper stickers that leave residual damage to cars, the car magnets offer no such problems. The magnets are easily transferable from car to car without doing any permanent damage. Gone are the days of scraping off sticky glue or sweating over perfect placement on the car’s bumper. Car magnets don’t even have to go on the bumper. They can be placed anywhere on the car that they stick to. This is a great way to show support for a team while making the consumer feel comfortable with their purchase.

Sports fundraisers don’t have to be a hassle. Car magnets for sports fundraisers are a great win all-around. By making car magnets your featured product, you can get a great profit for your team and reward your supporters with an enduring show of support that they can be proud to display.

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