Quality Magnets That Last: The LogoMagnet Difference

Local businesses use them as mobile, eye-catching advertising. Pro sports fans proudly show off their favorite team’s logo. Did you know that custom logo magnets make a great fundraising tool for your school, church, charitable organization, or youth sports team?

If you want to draw attention to your fundraising efforts in the local community, what better ways than by having supporters display your logo on their vehicles? Suddenly, your organization will be more visible than ever before, showing up in supermarket parking lots, at the mall, in the pick-up lane at schools, on busy streets, and in driveways.

Not only can a custom car magnet help spread the word about your organization, the magnets offer a fun way to build team spirit with your organization’s volunteers and employees. They can display the logo magnets on their own vehicles, and also spread the word that the magnets are available for sale to support your group.

People who care about your organization and its efforts will be proud to purchase and display the logo on their cars. It helps, of course, that the magnets are easy to remove for cleaning or repositioning, unlike bumper stickers.

Quality Counts

Of course, it’s important to choose your magnet supplier wisely. Cheaply made magnets can fade, peel, or fall off the car. A poor-quality magnet can disappoint drivers who agreed to display your logo, and reflect poorly on your organization. Unfortunately, many cheap magnets are printed on laminated plastic, which is then attached to a magnet.

The LogoMagnet Difference

LogoMagnet understands that car magnets must reflect well on your organization. All products are made in the United States, under the firm’s direct supervision. Investment in durable materials and high-end production techniques to provide you with quality magnets is something LogoMagnet prides itself on.

What makes them Quality?

  • logos are printed directly on the magnetic material
  • no lamination that can tear or peel off
  • specially formulated outdoor inks designed not to fade under the hot sun, or run in wet weather

The result: attractive, long-lasting magnets that draw the attention of bypassers.

LogoMagnet Knows Your Needs

All products are proven fundraising items, and designed to meet the needs of schools, churches, and other charitable groups. The experienced staff can help guide you in selecting the right size and quantity for your needs, and the company can produce matching t-shirts that also help boost your organization’s logo recognition, and make great fundraising items in their own right.

Are you ready for a quality car magnet fundraiser? To learn more about how LogoMagnet can assist you in reaching your fundraising goals you can either contact them via this form or call!

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