Variety of Exciting Magnet Styles and Design Options

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Designs & Templates

The majority of the images in our design gallery are customizable with your text and colors, so in a sense, they are simply templates. We can change colors, text, and even graphics. All you have to do is review the designs, choose one that you like, and submit your information to us…it is THAT easy! We even have the templates narrowed down into categories that you can quickly navigate.

Clipart Images

If you don’t find an existing design or template that you like, check out our Clipart Image Gallery. We have hundreds of original images that we can use to build your custom design. Choose the one you want, submit your information, and you will get a fully customized magnet design that is exclusive to your organization.

Standard Shapes

We took a collection of our most popular designs and shapes and converted them to “Standard Shapes.” Our most popular shape is the 6″ round*.  We also offer several other popular shapes (ie. paw, bulldog head, gator, tiger head, mustang…etc) at no additional charge!

*Other companies offer the standard round magnet, but it is usually 5.5″ or less. A half-inch doesn’t sound like much, but it’s enough of a difference to us, that we chose to make the larger 6″ version our “standard” size. Think of it this way — the area of a 5.5″ magnet is 23.75 sq. in., while a 6″ magnet has an area of 28.25 sq. in. This is a difference of 4.5 sq. inches!

Custom Shapes

Want to offer a durable vehicle magnet unlike anyone else’s? We will design a magnet to your shape and size specifications! There is no additional charge for custom shapes!