How to Order (Custom Car Magnets)

Here’s how it works: You contact us and let us know what you have in mind for a design. For a school, this would normally be the school mascot and school name in school colors.

Review our extensive Design Guide for ideas. We have several hundred Name Drop Designs to choose from, as well as Clipart Images that we can use to build your design around.

You may see one exactly like what you want, or one very similar to what you want. All you do is submit the design number to us, and we will build it from there.

Or if you prefer, send us your design idea, along with a copy of your mascot (or logo) and we will build a professional design for you, totally from scratch!

We will email your design proof, make any necessary changes, then once approved, we are ready to go to press with your order.

Your order will be shipped within 7 – 10 days of the order date. Once you receive the shipment, you may be surprised that some people will want to buy as soon as you open the box!

(We also offer a Sales Sheet that you may use to take Pre-orders. Contact Us to find out more information on this offer).

How to Order (Pre-printed Car Magnets)

And…Here’s how this one works: Review our Pre-printed Magnet gallery. Choose the design or designs you would like to order.

You can place a bulk order, with quantities starting at just 25 magnets, or you may choose to have us produce a “Sales Sheet” that you may distribute to students or members of your organization to take pre-orders with. Once you have taken orders, submit the quantities you need for each design and they will be shipped out to you to distribute to your patrons.

Upon request, we will pre-sort the order for you so you can easily distribute by student, homeroom or any other criteria that you specify.