Ink Colors


Please review our stock color list below. These colors have been built with simplicity in mind, and are based on the premise that they “work well” together.

If you do not see the exact color(s) you want, that is no problem, just direct us to the color(s) you need in one of the following ways:

  • Send sample of printed material to match
  • Refer Common Team Color or Brand (ie. Coke Red, Clemson Orange, Dodger Blue, etc)
  • Provide PMS# (Pantone Matching System)

Due to variances in color on computer monitors, we can not guarantee an exact match to the color shown on your screen.

Ink Properties

We use only the finest inks available for outdoor use. We want you as a client, but if you decide to go elsewhere, make sure that you ask these questions of your vendor:

  • Do you print directly on the magnetic material? (Yes)
  • Do you use Exterior Grade UV inks? (Yes)
  • Do you offer a guarantee against fading? (Yes)

The above criteria will ensure that you will have a durable product that will offer years of enjoyment!