Do your car magnets fade like other magnets I’ve seen?

Definitely not! The car magnets that you have seen that are faded out and deteriorating are normally either a digitally imprinted magnet, or a color print that is laminated to a magnetic backing. We print directly on the magnetic material, using inks specifically designed for outdoor use. Our magnets are guaranteed against fading for up to 5 years, under normal conditions.

Do I need to take the car magnets off of the car when I wash it?

It is not necessary, but it is recommended that you simply wipe the grime off of the face of the car magnet with a damp cloth, to keep it looking new; and also wipe the back of the magnet as well, to make sure the car magnet and car body maintain good contact.

How thick are the magnets?

Our car magnets are 30 mil, which is about twice the thickness of refrigerator magnets.

Can we get a sample before we place an order?

Our print process is advanced, and does not lend itself to printing just one car magnet, but we do offer a FREE design proof upon request. Get a free sample pack here

What price do other schools and organizations sell their car magnets for?

It really depends on the size of the magnet, and the number of colors in the design, but most standard size, 2 or 3 color magnets sell for about $5 to $6 each. Oversized car magnets (10″ or more), may go for as much as $8 to $12 each.