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2014 Logo Trends

If you are getting ready to design a logo for your business, a look at current trends can help you make wise design choices. LogoLounge recently released its 2014 Logo Trends Report, and some interesting patterns have emerged this year that are worth considering as you design your own logo. Continue reading

How to Measure Your Fundraiser’s Success

Was your fundraiser a success? When your supporters ask this, do you know how to answer? Has your organization found a way to truly track success in fundraising? Consider the answers to these two questions as you try to gauge the success of your latest fundraising effort. Continue reading

Branded Swag Guaranteed NOT to Be Thrown Away

Do you want to turn your organization’s supporters into walking or driving billboards advertising your company? From hats to pens to car magnets, branded “swag” is a great way to do so. Giving away free gear or selling low-cost items branded with your logo will help spread the word about what you have to offer. This is active branding at its finest, and will get people talking about you. Here are some branded swag options to consider. Continue reading

Fundraising Showdown: Car Washes vs. Car Magnets

Fundraising is a fact of life for many nonprofits and charitable organizations. While you may not enjoy this aspect of running your organization, you must embrace it if you are going to succeed. If you are considering a fundraiser, you need to weigh your options. Car washes and car magnets both target the same audience, but are very different types of fundraisers. Continue reading

Fundraising Showdown – Car Magnets vs. Candy Fundraising

Candy has been the quintessential fundraising item of choice for decades. In the past, it was easy to sell sugary treats to people, but a rise in health consciousness over the past few decades has made it harder to use candy effectively as a fundraising option. If you are planning a fundraising campaign, consider car magnets instead.

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Getting Kids Involved with Fundraising

Fundraising with your kids is a great way to teach your children the importance of giving back and making the world a better place. As a parent, there are few things more amazing than seeing your kids get involved with fundraising and philanthropy. While teaching them to think beyond their own needs and desires, getting your kids involved with fundraising also can inspire you to do more for others.

No matter the age of the child, there are plenty of great fundraiser ideas that will get them excited to get involved. Whether the fundraiser is for their school, sports team, church or other organization, the following ideas are easy to manage and will help you get your kids involved in a way that’s fun for them:

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Fundraising Showdown: Car Magnets vs. Cookie Dough

If you’re organizing a fundraiser for your school, church, charity or other organization, there are a number of different options you can explore for raising money. Today, two of the most popular fundraisers are car magnets and cookie dough. Both of these fundraising products have high profit margins and broad mainstream appeal, making each highly effective for raising lots of money.

Of course, you want your fundraiser to be the very best, so that leads to the ultimate question: Which fundraiser is better — car magnets or cookie dough? Let the battle begin!

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Fundraising with Magnets for Your Church

EDGERTON-MEMORIAL-UNITEDFundraising is a crucial part of running youth groups, and make missionary work and outreach programs possible in churches. Fundraising companies offer dozens of options when it comes to church fundraising, but one of the most successful campaigns for many churches is car magnets. These personalized large magnets can be made in any shape or color, and make a lasting reminder of your patrons’ generosity.

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Benefits of Fundraising

Fundraising financial returns have rebounded since 2008 when the charitable donations flagged in the wake of the economic crisis. In 2012, the total donated funds contributed in the U.S. from individuals and organizations reached $316 billion, which is more than the $298 billion in 2011, and the pre-recession total of $311 billion in 2007.

The recent success of fundraising efforts is an indication that the economy is stabilizing and people are once again feeling financially secure enough to prioritize non-profit organizations’ needs.

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The History of Fundraising

Fundraising has become a common thing these days, as it is easy to give large and small amounts of money now online thanks to websites like Kickstarter, PayPal and inventions like the Square, which allows you to donate small amounts via credit card. However, fundraising isn’t a 21st Century invention; it has been around since the 1900’s.

Many people believe large face to face fundraising campaigns first truly started in the 1990’s through Greenpeace and their army of youngsters with clipboards standing outside of supermarkets and malls, trying to get people to sign up to save the environment. However, fundraising’s history actually goes back much, much farther than that. Continue reading

Top Tips for Car Magnet Fonts

A well-designed car magnet is a powerful advertising tool. Although many design considerations go into the creation of a successfully designed car magnet, the choices made concerning the text that appears on the car magnet is one of the most important. Without clear and legible text, no one will receive your message.

By nature, logo car magnets tend to be small; therefore, it is imperative to limit the amount of text. Passing motorists have a very short period of time to view and read your advertisement. They also need to be able to locate and jot down your contact information quickly and easily. Excessive amounts of text can be confusing and detract from your message.

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How to get Kids Involved in a Fundraiser

Getting involved in a fundraiser is a great way to teach children to care about, and be aware of, issues that matter. There are so many causes that need funds, and a typical school has a least three every year to raise money for field trips and other school related activities. If your child is involved in a sport, a church, or a scout program the number of fundraisers can seem overwhelming. Do not become overwhelmed, instead see the fundraisers as a great way to spread awareness, and teach your child about earning what they want in life.

Often parents end up doing as much, or more work than children when it comes to fundraisers for school, church, sports, or charities. When a parent does most of the work to raise money for an event their child is planning to attend it sends the wrong message to the child. Teaching a child that they need to work for their own cause will give them a strong character lesson, whether the fundraiser is to go on a trip or to raise money to feed the homeless, allowing your child to actually do the footwork is life enriching.

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Quality Magnets That Last: The LogoMagnet Difference

Local businesses use them as mobile, eye-catching advertising. Pro sports fans proudly show off their favorite team’s logo. Did you know that custom logo magnets make a great fundraising tool for your school, church, charitable organization, or youth sports team?

If you want to draw attention to your fundraising efforts in the local community, what better ways than by having supporters display your logo on their vehicles? Suddenly, your organization will be more visible than ever before, showing up in supermarket parking lots, at the mall, in the pick-up lane at schools, on busy streets, and in driveways.

Not only can a custom car magnet help spread the word about your organization, the magnets offer a fun way to build team spirit with your organization’s volunteers and employees. They can display the logo magnets on their own vehicles, and also spread the word that the magnets are available for sale to support your group.

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Why Choose Car Magnets for Sport Fundraiser

Car magnets are a winning choice for any sport’s fundraiser. Not only will they get your fans rolling through your hometown streets sporting your team logo, but they will also cut your team a decent profit in the process. Car magnets are a great idea for sports fundraisers for a lot of reasons.

Stress-Free Ordering

When you fund raise with items like clothing, ordering can be difficult to manage. You need to make sure that sizing is accurate, deal with the repercussions when it isn’t, and keep track of who ordered what size. With car magnets, however, there is no sizing to keep track of. The only thing you do need to worry about is the quantity. No fuss, no muss. It’s an easy system.

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Design Tips for Creating a Fundraising Car Magnet

Designing a fundraising car magnet might seem like a daunting task. After all, the end results will be sold to hundreds of supporters and seen by thousands of people as a representation of your cause. The good news is the process isn’t difficult at all. This is one case where less is definitely more. You don’t need a lot of elaborate design elements to create a beautiful magnet. In fact, elaborate design can distract from your message and make the magnet difficult to read on passing cars. The most important thing to remember when putting together your magnet design is to keep it simple and recognizable.

Select Easy To Read Fonts

Passing motorist will have mere seconds to both notice your magnet and read it. The font your select has a big job to do in ensuring that your message is instantly readable. Decorative fonts with swoops and swirls might look pretty, but they aren’t up to the task since they can be difficult to decipher. According to Fonts.com, san serif fonts, which do not have small projections at the end of each stroke, are easier to read because of their simpler shapes. This is especially true if your message includes a lot of numbers, such as addresses or phone numbers. Ariel and Copperplate are both good, basic choices. However, to find your perfect font, you’ll need to consider the individual letters you’ll be using, since specific letters may be more legible in one font over another. Pay particular attention to the counters, or white spaces within the letters, to ensure that they are ample enough to form a distinct and legible shape.

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Why Car Magnets Are Great For Sports Teams

Need new uniforms? Equipment? Maintenance for the field? Gas money for the next tournament? If you’re looking to hold a fundraiser for your sports team, then you may want to consider car magnets. It may sound like an odd choice when bake sales and car washes are the traditional route that people tend to go with fundraisers, but if you look at what car magnets have to offer, it’s clear why they deserve some real consideration. Here are just a few reasons why car magnets may be one of the best ways for you to raise funds for your team.

High Resale Value

As with most items that you can buy in bulk, it’s not very hard to find great discounts on car magnets, which makes for a decent resale rate even when you’re only giving them away for a few dollars each. The truth is that car magnets are generally pretty inexpensive to produce and distribute. People pay for them to show support, so the markup is regarded as being a few dollars to a good cause.

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